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Experienced in school and college environments

Awareness of how teaching environments operate and a focus on keeping children and young people safe, are vital to our work in schools and colleges.

We’re highly experienced at working in live educational environments, being polite and child-friendly, and putting measures in place to prevent accidents and maintain everyone’s safety.

However, we’re equally flexible about working outside of teaching hours or alternatively during holidays when classrooms are unused.

During term time emphasis is placed on making sure schools and colleges remain operational – safe and compliant, at all times.

Our thorough scheduling and robust systems mean installations and maintenance programmes complete on time and on budget. We also offer a fast response service for repairs.

Organisations we’ve worked with

  • Alice Modal Nursery
  • All Saints Church
  • Annunciation Junior School
  • Barclay Primary School
  • Beis Yaakov Primary School
  • Blessed Dominic School
  • Brookfield School
  • Bursted Wood Primary School
  • Chesham Grammar School
  • Chesterfield Secondary School
  • Coppets Wood Primary School
  • Crook Log School
  • Dawlish Primary School
  • East Wickham Primary School
  • Eldon School
  • Eltham CE Primary School
  • Fleecfield Primary School
  • Frieren Barnet School
  • Goodmayes School
  • Greenleaf Secondary School
  • Hampstead Parochial School
  • Handsworth Primary School
  • Henry Maynard School
  • Hollickwood Primary School
  • Ian Mikardo School
  • Inspire Centre
  • Kelmscott School
  • Lessness Heath Primary School
  • Middle Park School
  • Newport Primary School
  • Oak Hill Primary School
  • Rachel keeling Nursery
  • Saracens Secondary School
  • Smithy Secondary School
  • South Chingford Foundation
  • St Paulinius School
  • St Pauls Primary
  • Summerside Secondary School
  • Suntrap Forest Educational Establishment
  • Swanlea Secondary School
  • Sybourne Secondary School

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