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With the full commitment of our board and support from our investors, we’re setting targets for our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and regularly reporting on our progress.

Our core purpose as a business is protecting people and property through fire and electrical compliance. By necessity we’re a responsible business. Yet we’re committed to going further, to maximise the positive impacts we have on our team and local communities and to minimise our negative impacts on the environment.

We have a local by design approach to reduce road miles, a rapidly expanding apprenticeship programme, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and have made a commitment to hybrid and soon electric vehicles. These are just some examples of how we manage our ESG performance.

We have six themes for organising and measuring what we do. These are:

  • Environment
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Marketplace
  • Supply Chain
  • Community
  • Governance

Taking action

Our first assessment against these six themes highlighted a set of actions should take to bring a more structured approach to managing and measuring our ESG performance.

The actions included:

  • Increasing the governance of ESG in our business
    • A board member is now accountable for driving ESG initiatives and progress
  • Maintaining stakeholder engagement
    • We have re-introduced our customer surveys and introduced an annual employee survey
  • Driving diversity and inclusion
    • We have reviewed our recruitment policies in line with best practice to encourage more diversity in our business
  • Supporting employee wellbeing
    • A new element to our employee wellbeing strategy is giving our employees access to a free and anonymous external support line

We will be reporting on our progress again in the first quarter of 2023 and will include our targets for key performance indicators.

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We work for local authorities, housing associations, blue lights services and the education sector. In the last year, multiple customers have renewed their contract with us, because of the quality and forward thinking style of our service.