Fire equipment

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Professional installation and testing

We’re commissioned to carry out annual testing of wide-ranging fire equipment to ensure every item is fully operational when it’s needed by a customer. We also install and maintain dry and wet risers, hose reel and sprinkler systems.

Systems should be tested every six months, with a full pressure test carried out annually. We visually inspect the entire system from roof to ground level and follow methods for testing that meet all British Standards requirements.

Any sign of leaks or damage or any excessive loss in pressure will be recorded as a system fail. If no leaks or faults are found, we de-pressurise and drain the system and issue a certificate. For wet risers there are further checks made on cleanliness of storage tanks, booster pumps and other equipment.

All our operatives are trained and experienced to meet the full requirements of the British Standards Regulations. They carry spares on their vehicles and can eliminate most system defects while on site.

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